4 Ways to Get Away With Wearing Denim at the Office


4 Ways to Get Away With Wearing Denim at the Office

With so much fab denim having debuted this fall, sneaking it into your outfits whenever possible is a must (because why not?). While the office is traditionally a denim-free zone, relaxing dress codes and the emersion of jeans with a more polished edge make it easier to add the tried-and-true fabric to your nine-to-five lineup. If this is a whole new sartorial horizon for you — and we get it, the line between on-point and inappropriate for the office isn’t always crystal clear — we’ve got you covered. On the flip side, if you’re a day-denim pro, we’ve found ways to make your go-to blues feel totally fresh. We’ve put together four office-ready looks with denim front and center. Your work-week wardrobe is about to get a whole lot more fun.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans to the Office

If you’re looking to test the waters before going full-blown denim on-duty, black skinny jeans are a good place to start. Because they’re subtle and sleek, it’s easy to mistake them for a pair of slim-fit trousers, which, of course, totally works in your favor. Throw in classics like a button-up shirt and blazer for good measure, then give the look a bit of personality with a graphic slip dress — yes, over your jeans — metallic belt and chic slide-on flats.

How to Wear a Jean Skirt to the Office

Pencil skirts and midis are standard fare for a full-time gig, but a denim number is sure to shake things up. Elongated A-line silhouettes and dark washes are key to pulling it off, with button-front detailing helping to create give the piece a more polished feel. Instead of a classic collared shirt, layer a sleeveless turtleneck over an embroidered top instead (Haven’t you heard? They’re the cool new sweater vest). Snakeskin mules offer an unexpected alternative to your go-to pumps, while introducing a subtle and sophisticated rocker edge. Together, the look says “I’ve got this” in a totally non-stuffy way.

How to Wear a Jean Dress to the Office

A wrap dress is a wardrobe essential that will never let you down. From desk to dinner and everything in between, it’s a serious sartorial star. This sleeveless style does you right during the warm weather months, but to make it more here and now, layer it over a printed collared top or flowy blouse. To balance out its traditional feel, look to of-the-moment accessories like chunky heeled court shoes, a bright, bold bag and colorful, contemporary baubles.

How to Wear Wide-Legged Jeans to the Office

There’s no denying that these bottoms are straight-up denim, but that shouldn’t deter your from rocking them during business hours. Pair them with a long-line top in a pretty floral print to draw the eye away from the casual fabric, then add on a structured sleeveless blazer — the epitome of workplace chic. High-shine ankle boots in an eye-catching color and a fluoro bib necklace inject a little personality and color to the look.



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